Welcome to the Beyond Seat Time Everglades PCA Autocross School

We are really excited to host this autocross school for you, and look forward to helping each of you go faster! As part of the autocross school, you also have a lifetime subscription to The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual. This autocross school is specifically designed to help drivers put into practice the principles from The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual.

In order to get the most out of the autocross school, we highly recommend that you go through The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual ahead of time, or at least go over the Line Selection, Driving, and Examples sections. During the autocross school we will be practicing the ideas and techniques from the manual, so you will get the most out of it if you give it some thought ahead of time.

Here’s what we will cover…

  • Classroom session to set the stage for the day
  • Group course walk, talking through what to look for on the course (including “seeing” the spirals around an entire autocross course)
  • Set a baseline time on the autocross course
  • Skidpad exercises to get intimately familiar with the grip, balance, and dynamic behavior of the car
  • Practicing slalom/transition techniques
  • Working on corner entry in isolation (including a deep dive into practicing corner entry spirals)
  • Practicing connecting the entry and exit spirals around different shaped corners
  • Lots of 1-1 time on the full autocross course to work through specific sticking points for each driver (and comparing our progress to our morning/baseline time)

Day 1 (Dec 14th) is for advanced drivers, and Day 2 (Dec 15th) is for novice/intermediate drivers.

Looking forward to working with you all!

– Vivek