It’s time to get BETTER at autocross
Know exactly how to drive every course
Improve your execution and car control
Become the boss of performing under pressure

“There are no extra words. There’s no fluff. I have read other books and taken other courses before. The quality of information and the attention to detail in this course is just astounding. This course is worth so much more than what you are charging for it.”

“Dude… I can’t believe you are giving this info out! Those techniques on line selection and mental preparation literally made me 2 seconds faster than last year, and it was immediate. I still can’t believe it… the best I’ve ever done at a champ tour is 11 out of 15, and I just won F-Street!”

“I’ve only watched the first section of your course so far so I may have jumped the gun a bit but I can’t help but share. Your work is so interesting and thoughtful! Especially the full and nuanced analysis of a slalom. I feel like I finally understand why back-siding is usually the best plan.”

“I’ve gotta be honest… I was skeptical for months before finally buying your course last week. I’ve taken a few racing-related online webinars, and they were OK, so I was skeptical about your claims and figured it was a marketing scam. I’m not blowing smoke up your *** but this has been the best money I have ever spent on racing.”

Imagine you have been autocrossing for 6 months or a year. You go to each event full of enthusiasm and have a great time, but are in awe of how much faster the top drivers are. You ride in the car with one of them for a run, but it is just a blur. You have absolutely no idea how you could go that fast.

Or imagine you have been autocrossing for a few years. You made steady progress for a while, but you sense that your progress has stagnated. You tell yourself that you do this mostly for fun, but a part of you is burning to go faster. Some newer drivers who were once slower than you have caught up to you, and you are frustrated that you are not improving anymore.

Or imagine that you compete at a national level. You have the capability to win, but your performances are inconsistent. On some days, you are as fast as anybody! Other days, you struggle with pace or make mistakes. You are tired of feeling like you are so close, but still so far. You look at the drivers who win consistently and resign yourself to thinking “they must be aliens”.

The thing is, we get to choose whether to do something about it or not. You can just keep doing what you’ve been doing; you can continue showing up, and hope you improve out of sheer “force of will”. Imagine doing that. Do you see a clear path forward?

Or, imagine if you could gain the know-how to come to every autocross armed with a system for decoding any autocross course, a greater understanding of the driving techniques the best drivers use, a finely tuned mechanism to detect and fix the smallest mistakes, and a rock solid plan to ensure you keep making continuous progress.

Transform your autocross game with the help of the most comprehensive system for understanding all of the nuances of autocross and improving your performance, no matter your current skill level.

In this course, we will:

  1. Break down the problems
    • How to know what the correct racing line is every time
    • Know when to minimize distance vs maximize speed
    • Improve your car control
    • How to get better at performing under pressure
  2. Find the correct answers
    • Get accurate information validated through theory and observable in practice
    • Establish a set of rules using which you can optimize any corner
    • Learn how to identify and correct mistakes quickly, with minimal loss of time
    • Destroy nervousness by taking control of your psychology
  3. Implement an action plan to practice and develop each skill
    • Gain the knowledge to never be confused about what to do on track
    • Identify specific skills for YOU to practice through targeted exercises
    • Improve your self-analysis to keep the cycle of improvement going

Here’s what you’ll get

  • Over 3 hours of classroom style video lessons covering line selection, the physics of driving, improving execution, and the mental side of performance.
  • Each video lesson includes supplementary materials (downloadable PDFs, worksheets, links, etc).
  • NEW: Detailed breakdown of in-car footage from some of the most successful autocrossers.
  • New sections and lessons will be added over time, and you will automatically have access to all of it!

No recurring charges. No tricks. No B.S.

This course will continue to evolve, with new sections and information being added over time. As new topics and lessons are added to the course, the price will go up for new subscribers, but everyone who has already bought the course will automatically have lifetime access to all future updates at no additional cost.

The Complete Autocrosser's Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for novice, intermediate, or advanced drivers?
I have tried hard to make sure there is valuable content for drivers of all skill levels. Though, to be frank, I do NOT think this course is well suited to someone who is brand new to autocross. I think you will get more out of this course if you have a little bit of experience under your belt because you will be able to put some of the ideas into richer context. Maybe you are relatively new to autocross, but you’ve fallen in love with the sport, and you want to discover and dissect all of the secrets behind reading an autocross course, improving your car control skills, and going faster. Maybe you’ve been autocrossing for a few (or many) years and have made decent strides, but are frustrated with feeling like you’ve stagnated, and are ready to supercharge your development and take your understanding of theory and your driving to new heights. Maybe you are already a very accomplished autocrosser trying to make the leap to the upper echelon, and want to know how the “alien” drivers are able to do the things they do, and what national champion autocrossers do differently than everyone else.

How much does the course cost? Is it a one-time cost? Or a recurring subscription?
The current price of the course is $68 for lifetime access. Let me clarify what I mean by “current price”. This course will continue to evolve over time, with new sections and topics being added. I will also continuously update the existing materials to use better examples, better diagrams, more intuitive explanations, and such. As the course gets bigger, the price will go up accordingly for new buyers. BUT PEOPLE THAT HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT THE COURSE WILL ALWAYS GET ALL THE NEW INFO AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. In other words, whenever you buy, you are buying lifetime access for a one-time cost to a growing library of material. But the earlier you buy, the cheaper it will be.

What does the course include?
The course includes 3+ hours of classroom style video content, with loads of supplementary material such as PDF downloads, worksheets, links to insightful in-car footage, etc. Across all of that, we will be covering LINE SELECTION (distance vs speed, the secrets of corner entry, how to know which cones to be close to, figuring out the line through an entire course, etc), DRIVING TECHNIQUES (advanced car control, driving in the rain, how the line changes for different types of cars, and more), EXECUTION (recognizing and analyzing your errors, minimizing the effect of mistakes, determining your approach for a 3-run event), and the MENTAL side of performance (dealing with nervousness, performing under pressure, how to learn when riding along with other drivers, analyzing video, and more).

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?
YES! Go here to buy the course as a gift for someone else.

Is Beyond Seat Time becoming a paid-only/subscription website?
NO! I will still be publishing articles/posts just as always, and will strive for my articles to be more valuable than the material that other places charge for. This course (and any future courses I offer) are the only things that will have a price because of the massive effort that goes into building them.

Is course equally suitable for circuit/track racers?
Great question. While the underlying principles apply to all forms of racing, the material in this course is tailored to be most applicable to autocross. I plan to release a similar course for road/circuit/track racing within the next couple of months. While I would love to take your money right now, I am not interested in that short term gain. I am more interested in being a trusted advisor who provides long term value to you, so I recommend waiting for now.

The Complete Autocrosser's Manual