1. The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual

Transform your autocross game with The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual, the most comprehensive system for understanding all of the nuances of autocross and improving your performance, no matter your current skill level.

    positive review  BeST 2 hours I've spent on learning what and how I can improve my autocross performance! I knew I had a lot to learn, and this course covered A LOT of what I already KNEW I needed to work on. This course discussed and provided me with actionable steps to improve those things I KNEW needed work. However, this course discussed topics at a depth I didn't even know I didn't know (definition of ignorance I think!). Then, to end the course with an HONEST offer to reach out to Vivek Goel personally with questions, (which I've already done and have received positive and encouraging responses each time) is amazing! A National-level Course Designer and a National-Level Driver Champion who offers to help others improve their performance in order to enjoy our sport even more...WOW! This course provided exceptional value that I will be able to review over and over as I prioritize and progress on my personal areas needing improvement!

    thumb Mark Noble

2. The Complete Track Driver’s Manual (Coming Spring 2019)