1. The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual

Transform your autocross game with The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual, the most comprehensive system for understanding all of the nuances of autocross and improving your performance, no matter your current skill level. You will learn how to perfect your line selection, improve your car control, minimize the effect of mistakes, get better at performing under pressure, and much more. We’ll even go over frame-by-frame footage from some of the best autocrossers around the country to dissect how they put the principles we talk about into practice.

2. Mastering Autocross Line Selection

This is the Line Selection module from The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual above. You will learn how to find the correct racing line is every time. Know when to minimize distance vs maximize speed. Using accurate information validated through theory and observable in practice, we will establish a set of rules using which you can optimize any corner. Gain the knowledge to never be confused about what to do on track.

3. The Complete Track Driver’s Manual (Coming Summer 2020)