Photo by Perry Bennett ( We hear experts talk about this with F1, or hear our racing friends lament about it, or perhaps we have experienced it for ourselves over years of competition: There comes a point in time when a driver no longer has the pace that he/she once did. The most common explanation is that reaction time slows down with age, and on the surface that seems like a reasonable justification. But turns out that doesn’t hold up under scrutiny, and in order to really understand what’s going on, we need to think more deeply not just about our physical abilities, but ourRead More →

Yes, this website is about driving faster, but let’s kick things off with a little introspection. Humans are pleasure seeking creatures, and our natural desire is to seek happiness. Pleasure refers to anything that can give us satisfaction and gratification; it can be good or bad. The directive is to gratify our immediate needs and wants and to avoid pain. And because we are generally focused on our immediate needs and wants, our natural tendency is to focus on the “now” rather than the “later”. So it is extremely difficult for us to put in the work now (i.e. experience displeasure or pain) for future happiness. We makeRead More →

This all began, as most things do, with failure. A few years ago, I was frustrated with my lack of success at national level autocross. Sure, I was doing reasonably well, winning a Pro Solo event here and there and placing high up in the trophies at the national championships. But I felt like my progress was slowing, and there seemed to be a performance glass ceiling I was struggling to break through. Admitting that we are not performing as well as we would like is hard for a lot of us. It certainly was hard for me. It is a vulnerable feeling, and atRead More →